Happy Summer Everyone,

It’s been a while since we talked. The last two years have been rough for us all, but for those of us who perform for a living it’s been downright demoralizing. We’ve been able to work a bit here and there, but we’ve been postponed or canceled more often than we care to think about.

We’re incredibly grateful to the folks who have stuck with us through the darkest days of the pandemic. To the venue owners who didn’t forget about us, to the fans who came out for the handful of live shows we’ve had, tuned in to livestreams or even just reached out to ask how we were doing. We consider ourselves lucky that we didn’t get sick or lose any family to Covid. So, for that we also have immense gratitude.

We went into 2022 with the intention of keeping up hope and optimism (it wasn’t easy), but that positivity helped keep us going. And as it turns out, we ended up with a pretty packed summer schedule this year. We are both super excited and still (cautiously) optimistic, when we say, we’re back!

July of 2022 is looking a lot like July of 2019 and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be out in the world again. There’s just something about connecting with an audience that we can’t get enough of. We missed you and we’re looking forward to jamming out with you this season.

Much love and gratitude,
Amy and Yves

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